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Solanas Prized Linked Savings
Protocol - Save and win!

Join the Party!

Have fun while saving money! Pool Party is a Solana powered Prized Linked Savings protocol. The more you deposit to the savings pools, the better the chances you have to win the weekly prize pool! Best of all, you can withdraw your funds at any time. Simply save tokens in the pool, to participate in the weekly draw!

How it works

  • Make a deposit
    Make a deposit

    Connect your wallet, and make a deposit of USDC to the pool. Minimum deposit is $1 to be eligible to win. The more you deposit, the better your odds of winning becomes.

  • Weekly Jackpot
    Weekly jackpot

    Every Thursday at 8pm CEST / 2pm EST / 11 am PST, the weekly prize pool winner is chosen. The odds are determined by the following formula. Deposit / Total pool deposits. Ex. if the Pool Party savings pool equals $100,000, and a user deposit is $1000, the user would have a 1% chance of winning.

  • Never lose
    Never lose

    It is your money. Withdraw your funds from the savings pool at any time. You are free to withdraw 100% of your deposits at any time, even after winning the weekly prize.